All Together We Can

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All in

I’m all in. I’m all in for my family. I’m all in for the people we serve through our work. …sometimes it is hard. Certainly, but knowing that you are committed helps take care of that, in a way. What are you all in for?

End of the week

It is the end of the week. No more data can be coded. No more revisions can be submitted. What I saw was an amazing group of grad students working hard to both make a difference for the kids they are serving and the teachers they are coaching. There were lots of lessons learned this week and one in particular will be on my mind regarding how to get started.. Read More

Reflecting and gummy bears

Where are you at right now? How are you doing? Are you feeling completely overwhelmed with the demands of your job or life? Today, I was stressing out a bit. Well, actually a good amount. Some of it was even for good reason. I was feeling this way as I got of the car to get my daughter to bring her into the early school she attends at Portland State.. Read More

NSF Grants Conference

I’m excited to attend the National Science Foundation Grants Conference over the next couple days. At the Universal Design Lab, we are working to triangulate sponsorship at the Federal, State, and local foundation levels. It will be good to learn about NSF and about specific opportunities for my line of research, but also for my collaborators.

Finish lines

The past couple of Fridays I have felt exhausted, but today I realized that spring break is in three weeks. I realize that in the midst of development projects, grant submissions, way too many research projects launched, launching, and trying to close out that I kind of lost sight of any reprieve. One of the things I really like about working at a University is that there are a lot.. Read More

sometimes you know…

Sometimes and only sometimes, you have that feeling that you are on the right track. It usually hits you when you least expect it. Today was one of those days. I was given a couple small gifts from a workshop participant. One was a beautiful handmade keychain and the other was a picture of her son. As we sat, talked, and the tears flowed, I realized how fortunate I am.. Read More

Quality of Life

Quality of life is important to everyone. How are you taking this into account for your children with and without disabilities? Don’t you want people surrounding you and yours who value this? Gosh, how off-putting is it if someone does not value your quality of life? How are you taking this into account in your work and in your practice? How do I get important people in my life or.. Read More

Thinking deeply

I like to read Seth Godin’s terrific blog. Today I read his post titled, “For those unwilling to think deeply…” What I love about my work in my very unique role here at Portland State is that I have decided to think very deeply. To me this means working very closely in the field doing intervention work, because when I step foot into a school or a classroom, my senses.. Read More

What I’m doing…

My work has morphed so much over the years, but today I realized a simple way to explain what I’m doing. “Human centered design to make important parts of life more accessible” When I first started working in the field, I did not think as much, but mostly just worked from my heart. This time of being so present at the Respite Center was so powerful. I met some of.. Read More