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Recognition of Proloquo2Go from the President…

…the President of The Pennsylvania State University, Graham Spanier, that is. Penn State Board of Trustees meets; President Spanier’s remarks Friday, July 10, 2009               12th Paragraph Down about Proloquo2Go and Samuel Sennott Seriously, being a PhD student at The Pennsylvania State University is one of the most fantastic experiences of my life.  The individuals I am surrounded by are simply phenomenal.  From four AAC faculty to experts in Special Education,.. Read More

A Reason to Become a Teacher or SLP

Lately, in such a good way, I feel pulled in so many directions, keeping family first, new friends, p2g, and last but not least, the PhD.  With so much data coming at you, it can be hard to keep the ax sharp.  Yet, there are times when someone tells you something and it pulls things right back into focus.  When Kara, one of the first Proloquo2Go users messaged me tonight,.. Read More

AAC and speech are all parts of a total communication system that is fully individualized for the particular individual it serves

Rob, I am so glad you addressed the incendiary issue put forth around speech and communication because it is a conversation worth having.   I believe that as a field in general we have been overlooking a key missing link, how they connect. Today has been a day where I have seen dreams move forward.   Today a boy was able to walk into his elementary school and say that he.. Read More

Proloquo2Go Featured in USA TODAY: A Step for AAC

Proloquo2Go is featured in USA TODAY, in the online-edition on 27 May 2009 and in the print-edition on 28 May 2009. See “iPhone applications can help the autistic” By Greg Toppo This is a step for AAC in general and it makes me smile for all the children, their families, and their teachers of all sorts.

…in just one day

It is hard to believe that Proloquo2Go has only been available for four days.  The outpouring of support, excitement, and messages from families and practitioners has been very encouraging.  One of the early reviews of Proloquo2Go makes me very happy and clarifies the primary aim of its existence. “Great app – so easy and versatile.” by Mom to Michael T      April 25, 2009 “This is an amazing app! I bought.. Read More

Proloquo2Go is Available

Proloquo2Go is available on the iPhone App Store. Late last night, we recieved the acceptance email.  We all have been waiting patiently.  The emails have been pouring in from families and practitioners of all kinds.  The time has finally arrived. To find out about obtaining Proloquo2Go and about how our partners are making Proloquo2go available  for schools and centers to use purchase orders you can visit our webpage. Proloquo2go:  AAC.. Read More